Facebreaker Wold Premier Trailer

Facebreaker World Premier Trailer, the next big thing in boxing from the creators of Fight Night.

HD Video.

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pwnsause3761d ago

wow... how do you kill fight night like this? EA your're bad, leave punch out to nintendo and ready to rumble to midway, you guys are bad.

permutated3761d ago

I completely disagree with you.

Ready 2 Rumble was a killer franchise that deserves a new take, and we already have the be-all-end-all boxing game (Fight Night R3), so why not take the amazing gameplay from FNR3 and apply is to a title that deserves a resurrection?

I want this game, so very badly.

Wardy3761d ago

I agree with permutated.
This game looks interesting, and the querky cartooness is pulled off pretty well by the looks of things! definately looking forward to this.

OOG FunK3760d ago

o well soon enough we will see what 2k has for their boxing game

BrotherNick3760d ago

hehe, if I want realism I'll watch a moxing match. This looks really good. :)

Salvadore3760d ago

Can be a really interesting game if EA pulls it together.

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