5 Gaming Announcements that Caused Fan Uproars

There are certain moments that bring out the best in the human race. Events that unite us. Moments like the tearing down of the Berlin Wall, landing on the moon, Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum infecting an alien mothership with a computer virus. These are the moments that bring out the best in the human race.

And then there’s the other times. The bad times. Moments that make you hang your head in shame. In the gaming community, these moments are often in the form of fan meltdowns after a major announcement. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest moments in the industry and how gamers handled them.

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prototypeknuckles2115d ago

none of these should have caused an outroar because they werent bad at all, now something that should be on this list that did cause an outraor because it deserves all the hate it gets is the new DmC, dantes new look was a little overboard but lets be honest if they made mario black with blond hair and green overalls with a purple shirt people would flip, but the new DmC gameplay and the way the characters act just prove it deserves every bit of hate it gets.

isntchrisl2115d ago

Sounds like your memory is foggy. Or you were too young to remember most of the list.

prototypeknuckles2115d ago

how is my memory foggy im just saying how these SHOULDNT have caused an outroar because they arent that big of a deal, compared to other things

isntchrisl2115d ago

Well, NONE of these things should really have gotten people so crazy, really. But reliving the meltdowns is entertaining at least.

fourtwenty20092115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

I remember back when that first Zelda gamecube tech demo Gamescon footage was shown ( ) and then it was announced that cellshaded Wind Waker was being released instead, not the actual darker version which seemed like a natural evolution from OOT.

I felt totally betrayed. I skipped the Gamecube system completely. I was one of those furious fans who felt slapped in the face by Nintendo. To me then, Zelda was dead and Wind Waker was an insult given how badly I wanted the visuals that were shown in the tech demo. I can still remember the utter feeling of disappointment.

Years later, now excited about the Wii U console, I went back to revisit some of the old Nintendo tiles I never played. I played through Wind Waker on the PC, and now some ten plus years later I was floored at what I had missed. Yes this is still a cartoonish Link, but there's no denying the beautiful art style and all the traditional elements of a Zelda game including long running musical themes and familiar gameplay elements are all there and masterfully executed.

In hindsight, it feels silly to have gotten so worked up at the time about a game tech demo and how the game we got didn't look like the one that was teased. Clearly a lot of effort and love went into the game and it's actually great that Nintendo was bold enough to take risks and do something new with Zelda, the result doesn't disappoint.

Also, without spoiling it for those who missed it, WW features pretty much the most badass Ganon kill in Zelda history. ( Spoiler: ) Very satisfying.

All in all, despite my initial reaction and sense of disappointment all those years ago, I'm glad I went back and played WW, and ironically it's probably in my Top Three favorite Zelda games of all time now. The author of the article nails it when he says: "If the company had never shown off the Space World tech demo, the expectations for such a game would not have been so strong and many fans would have been quicker to accept the new art style." I'm only sorry it took me ten years to do so.

A big lesson is the proof is in the product Nintendo puts out and you have to trust, whatever they're doing or whatever the rumors suggest, that Nintendo, Miyamoto and his team love Zelda as much as you do, and in fact probably a lot more.

This is something I'm trying to keep in mind given the awesome Wii U Zelda tech demo and subsequent disappointing rumours that the next Zelda will (..AGAIN) NOT look like the tech demo ( ) and instead will revert to the art style of Skyward sword. I'm kind of shaking my head, but still trying to trust in Miyamoto and remind myself how good even the unexpected Zelda's can be.

PygmelionHunter2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

What about that one time when Nintendo handed Metroid over to a small, unknown studio located in Texas ;)

Monster Hunter 3 Tri changing development from the PS3 to the Wii.

Assassin's Creed becoming a multiplatform title and being better on the console it wasn't originally intended for.

But yeah... I could list those forever, this list should have been a lot longer IMO.