Borderlands 2 Review - Glitch Cat

Glitch Cat - Overall, the return trip to Pandora is a excellent one, full to the brim with a fantastic story, beautiful visuals, great sound, and super addictive ( I do mean addictive!) gameplay. If you thought the first game was amazing, then you haven’t seen nothing yet. Borderlands 2 is finally here, ready to shake up the gaming world once again.

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fOrlOnhOpe572147d ago

Good review. I loved the original game and this one just goes into orbit. Especially some of the new grenades which are worth mentioning.
One type missing though (so far) is the proximity grenade. Spent many happy fun-filled hours setting proximity grenade traps on a skag hunt. Never got old! :-)

vitullo312147d ago

i never played the original and i bought the 2nd one spur of the moment without knowing what it would be like and im glad i did it's pretty awesome