Does Resident Evil Have Any Legs Left to Stand On?

4Player-"It is hard to imagine myself turning my back on a franchise that I have beloved since my early years in gaming. I bought a Playstation back in the day because I wanted so desperately to play Resident Evil 2. I had to plead and manipulate my parents to even convince them to consider letting me play it. With Shinji Mikami at the helm in Resident Evil 2, the series felt focused and determined to deliver an unsettling experience. My memories of hesitantly wandering the halls of the Raccoon City police station are burned into my mind and will likely remain as one of the few fond memories I have of the series."

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Redrum0592184d ago

I say renovate and modernize the fixed camera views and get rid of the quick run n gun elements. Somehow zombies ent scary when you can run 15mph nonstop.

Sithlord-Gamble2184d ago

I agree with the author. The demo just sealed this games fate and any chance of me purchasing it. Its just not Resident Evil anymore.

Atleast we still have Dead Space.
The first game was everything the first couple RE games were and more.

GrahamGolden2184d ago

and u think dead space 3 will be different than res5 or res 6 chris-jakes campaigns ?

keep dreaming buddy..dead space 3 is just another third person shooter say thx to EA

Knight_Crawler2184d ago

Hate to break it to you but from the looks of it "Co-op" DS3 is also going the action thriller way.

Hopefully Nintendo can save the day with Zombie U.

Sigh2184d ago

lol I hope Capcom gets the message, at least out here in the West. WE WANT SURVIVAL HORROR. Not over the top action BS like we see in it's horrible RE movies.

doogiebear2184d ago

I blame the movies popularity for why the games suck now. It's not like they cant make it good...i mean, look at RE Revelations. They just made RE 5 & 6 crappy to appeal to the stupid, adhd-ridden clowns who find the movies appealing.

GrahamGolden2184d ago

If the whole game was like leon campaign this game could be good

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The story is too old to be commented.