Why Is David Jaffe Blasting 'Straight Outta Compton' And Tupac? Developer Shares His Deep Thoughts On Music And Games

Stephen Totilo of MTV Multiplayer writes: "God of War" and "Twisted Metal" creator David Jaffe didn't grow up a rap guy. But now he's listening to a lot of it, especially the more aggressive stuff of the 90s.


Consider it emotional research for Jaffe's next game at his studio Eat Sleep Play. Late last week he told me that "Come Sail Away" from Styx was his unlikely soundtrack of inspiration for "God of War." Now he's on an N.W.A and Public Enemy bender.

I joked that that must mean he was asked to help out on the new "Saint's Row."

Completely wrong, he said.

Instead, he caught me by surprise by delivering an unusual theory about how video games should relate to music (hint: he says "NBA Street" gets it very, very wrong). In the process, he talked about why "Shadow of the Colossus" didn't make him cry, what game developers could learn from Martin Scorsese, and –because it's what must happen at least once a day in any true gamer's life in 2008 - we chatted some "Endless Ocean."

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Skerj3690d ago

Well at least the man has good taste in the classics and not listening to some Souljah Boy bullsh**.

GIJeff3690d ago

dat robo super cop man hoooooooooooo.

cr33ping_death3690d ago

damn couldnt agree with you more. todays so called hip hop sucks.

Cyrus3653690d ago

100% Agree, he should put some 2pac, starrin my rearview, it ties in well with Twisted metal too! ;)

kewlkat0073690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )


Hey I liked that Rob Zombie song in Twisted Metal 2/3, I forgot which one, but went well with the game...

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Kleptic3690d ago

ah...twisted metal never had any rap in it...does this mean the PS3 TM game is going to be Twisted Metal: killa Grillz or something?...personally I think the franchise was just fine without any influence from that music genre...keep it dark...keep it comic like...keep it awesome...agreed though...'modern' rap is absolutely terrible, at least he is listening to the best of its type...

and not that any of this is relevant...they just said for 'his next project'...which he already announced as a PS3 TM this pertaining to something else?

GIJeff3690d ago

if you remember TM black, the music changed with what was happening on screen. If there were no enemies around, it was kinda quiet. When missiles were flying the orchestra was freaking out too. The man's a genius, dont question why he listens to what he does. Crap dood, i listen to ghetto boys when i code. puts me in "the mood". People would shoot my pasty @$$ if they knew what i listened to in my headphones...

Kleptic3688d ago

no thats cool...I am not criticising what he listens to...just pointing out that I wouldn't want that type of music in the game...thats all...

Rocko3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

We need you in tip-top shape for the new Twisted Metal.

InMyOpinion3690d ago

You think Garth Brooks or some kiddie metal like Linkin Park or something would make him produce better games? I doubt it.

I like aggressive, energetic music, just like Jaffe. Ranging from hiphop (east, west, south) to rock and metal (classic, thrash, death, black etc). It needs to have some attitude.

Rocko3689d ago

Glorifying cop killing is another.