PS3 and Vita Combo a Possibility

4Player-"Would a PS3 / PS Vita bundle be enough to pick up lagging PS3 sales at the tail-end of this generation and lay the groundwork for a firm PS4 release? The question is not out of the realm of possibility. PlayStation UK boss Fergal Gara told CVG as much an a recent interview, and I don't think Sony is currently in a position to deny a “try anything” tactic to get themselves back to the forefront."

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FirstPlaceMan2119d ago ShowReplies(1)
princejb1342119d ago

sounds amazing but it all depends on price

Summons752120d ago

can we say $5-600 price tag? Great idea if it's true though

Yodagamer2120d ago

Not to mention, it still wouldn't guarantee cross play. So it could be a useless investment If you're buying it to be like the Wii u

guitarded772119d ago

No way... $450 at the HIGHEST. The new PS3 slim can see a price drop, and bundling them with some packed in extras will make the value better. If they can do a $400 PS3/PSV bundle, that would be insane. Some pack-ins don't cost Sony anything, so if they can do a PS3/PSV with PS All Stars for both at $400 they would sell like crazy.

GribbleGrunger2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

It's not the bundle or the price of that bundle that is of importance here. It's the promotional element that matters. A box in the shop with a Vita+Ps3 on it would blur the main selling point of the Wiiu. It would create confusion and inspire conversation. THAT is why the bundle is important, not simply the sales of it.

66 million PS3 owners and 4 million Vita owners would think twice about buying a Wiiu if they thought they could get the exact same experience by purchasing Vita or PS3. It would also send a signal to developers that Sony ARE serious about wanting Wiiu games on their system.

The concept of the Wiiu is everything, not the raw power of the machine, so by mirroring it for the duration of the Wiiu's lifecycle, Sony could effectively emulate the success of the Wiiu. They need that 3rd party support though and I can guarantee that Sony are already in talks with those Wiiu devs, trying to convince them to add Vita ability to their games.

JBSleek2119d ago

"66 million PS3 owners and 4 million Vita owners would think twice about buying a Wiiu if they thought they could get the exact same experience by purchasing Vita or PS3."

Yet that isn't the case and as a hardcore gamer I would expect you to understand that this isn't the case. PS3 would need expanded RAM and every game utilizing the game bad with actual triggers and other utilization.

Thepcz2119d ago

casual gamers might be 'fooled' by a pseudo wiiu via ps3+vita. but real gamers and the industry will know its just sonys desperate and frankly pathetic attempt to steal nintendos thunder.

all it would do it put wiiu on a higher pedestal and make it beyond doubt that nintendo are the market leaders.

it would also hammer the death nail in vitas coffin, seeing as sony can only find a use for it as a quasi-wiiu controller for ps3 users. lame

GribbleGrunger2119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

The Vita and the PS3 were designed with this integration in mind. This 'pathetic attempt to steal Nintendo's thunder' is already out there my friend. I'm afraid the whole 'Sony copies Nintendo' argument is redundant... It always was, but in this case it would only make fools of those that pursued such a ridiculous claim. Nintendo are offering nothing new to people like me who own both the Vita and the PS3. You can argue all you want, but that's the fact, regardless of whether it's better or worse.

And before Nintendo fans get their noses put out of joint, please bare in mind that you are in a 'Sony' thread for 'Sony' fans. Don't expect a free ride in here and then complain you didn't get it. You are guests, we are the hosts. Bare that in mind and you'll avoid trolling.

Thepcz2119d ago

@ gribblegrubber

''you are in a 'Sony' thread for 'Sony' fans.''

get a life. this is a gaming community open to all people regardless of what console they own. and for your information, i own a ps3. that doesn't mean i cant be critical of it or moves sony make.

this site sucks because of people like you who think you own the place and are too immature to (wait for it) have their beloved console criticized.

Der_Kommandant2120d ago

Not a possibility for my wallet

Hicken2119d ago

You don't even know how much it would cost your wallet.

SandwichHammock2120d ago

In my opinion this would work great if two things happen. One, a PS3 price drop of $199 for the 250GB model. Two, a PSV price drop (please note I'm one of the ones that does NOT think its overpriced. The memory cards (a 32Gb owner), well that's another story) to $199. If these two things happen, and they can bundle a PS3 a DualShock a PSV and a 4-8Gb card for $399, I think it would be a great option.

SolidGear32120d ago

I was thinking around $400 as well.

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