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AusGamers has reviewed Resident Evil 6 and writes: At the end of the day, Resident Evil 6 is packed to the gills with features and absolutely looks the part, no one can deny that, but its lack of gameplay identity leaves it as empty and vacuous as the higher brain function of any one of its zombie inhabitants.

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Stay-Toasty2113d ago

I can't believe how bad this game is doing review wise. I know it's nothing like the Resident Evil games I grew up loving but I'm about an hour into it and so far I think it's actually prety good. You can tell that they really did "try" to make it scary, atleast in the early stages of Leon's campaign. I'm not saying it is but they did somewhat make an effort for it to be.

unknownhero11232113d ago

this is tragically hilarious. what makes it even more tragically hilarious is that this game will still sell a lot of copies.