Is Resident Evil 6 Vindication Or Failure For Japanese Gaming?

The new Resident Evil is on store shelves today and given the huge gap found in comparing review scores, it's tough to determine: Success or flop?

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MultiConsoleGamer2148d ago

It's a failure only because they tried to copy the style of the west.

Be yourself.

-Mika-2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

Um RE been copying the west since RE4. So what are you talking about.

Second I loved the demo and I can't wait for tomorrow to see if these reviews are being harsh or they're right.

dark-hollow2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

"copying the west since RE4"

are you for real? RE4 arguably influenced most of todays third person shooters like gears of war and uncharted. THE WEST followed RE4 footsteps not the other way.

sure it didnt have as much horror as the first three (still more scary than 5 and 6), but it actually INNOVATED in the action third person department.

RE6 is a me-too shooter that added nothing to neither the TPS genre or the horror survival genre.

Ranma12148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

I see the resident evil series is going the way of the FF series....that is, down to the levels of a sewer

I wonder who is to blame for the decline of the RE series, i blame Yoichi Wada for the decline of the FF series

Whoever is responsible, they should be kicked out like Yoichi Wada:

dark-hollow2148d ago

when i go to a japanese restaurant, i dont want to be served with burgers!! i want the damn delicious japanese food!

ninjahunter2148d ago

Most western resident evil product to date. "Failure for japanese gaming"