Chris Redfield VS. Leon S. Kennedy - Who Is The Better Character?

TGH Writes: "Longtime Resident Evil fans all have their favorite character among the series. It helps that there are many to choose from and, depending on the person, that choice is made for a variety of reasons: it may be how the character develops or the plain and simple fact that their just a complete badass. For me, Resident Evil's best character has to be Chris Redfield. My colleague Nate.B completely disagrees with me on this matter, and you'll be able to see why Leon S. Kennedy is his favourite character later. At times Nate and I would discuss various Resident Evil topics and soon this would morph into a discussion of who is better: Chris Redfield or Leon S. Kennedy. With Resident Evil 6 fast approaching now seems like the best time to put forward both our arguments and get you involved too; so who is the best character - Chris Redfield or Leon S. Kennedy?"

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-Mika-2178d ago

Chris. I hate guys with long hair

TheFinalEpisode2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

Well that's shallow...

DarkBlood2178d ago

not to mention her ff13 picture is of long hair unless she means to say long hair is exclusive to women

-Mika-2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

Not really. It just a preference

For me it is. I just think guys wearing their hair like that is just feminine. I think Chris is the overall better character when it comes to looks and personality.

@ DarkBlood
Yes that exactly what I mean and I personally think that how it should be. Guys should have short hair like chris. It just more attractive.

crxss2177d ago

Leon's hair isn't THAT long. but to answer everyone's question, it's Leon. Chris went bad since RE5. Plus when you have Leon, you get Ada!!!!!!

aaron58292177d ago

Dont worry now... i'm sure there will be "Leon Short Hair" DLC.... it will only cost ya 5 bucks. :)

Love Capcom and their DLCs ! :)

Army_of_Darkness2177d ago

They're practically the same character, just with different skins lol! You all can't tell me that you didn't notice how they both have very very similar personalities?! ;-)

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prototypeknuckles2178d ago

thats not even a legitimate reason to hate a character, and his hair isnt even that long.

LackTrue4K2178d ago

Chris is better, but in my eyes...there both drama queens.....they make a big issue over shooting a zombie.....

(Leon's voice) "Mister President, STOP!!!"

SuicidalTendencies2178d ago

So I guess you hate Jesus Christ?

Laxman2177d ago

I do.

But not becuase of his hair. I dig his hair. And beard.

prototypeknuckles2177d ago

all im gonna say is how do you feel about guys wearing tight jeans, especially the ones that are purple, red, stripped, leopard spotted ,etc....

Stay-Toasty2177d ago

Definitely Leon, hes way cooler than Chris in my opinion.. Please don't make fun of me for this but My hair is just like Leon's lol I actually kind of look alot like him with my hair like this especially in RE 4 where he's younger. Him and Solid Snake are my favorite game characters of all time. I Don't have my hair like this because of Leon though, I just like having long hair. Does anyone happen to know if the survival type multiplayer mode is exclusive to 360? or is it on PS3 as well?

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wishingW3L2178d ago

Leon > Chris even if he looks like that kid from T2.

prototypeknuckles2178d ago

leon leon leon, did i say leon

ShadyDevil2178d ago

The counter action to this article is here:

Kyosuke_Sanada2178d ago

Barry Burton. A true man's man........

vork772177d ago

i go for a jill sandwich :3

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