NPD Preview for January 2008 (covering January 6 to February 2)

Jacob Mazel of VGChartz writes: In the wake of strong holiday sales in the Americas, Xbox 360 and Wii both had supply issues in parts of January. While Microsoft had issues in the Americas, it did not have other regions with comparable demand for the system as Nintendo did – and it was therefore able to recover quickly – selling over 285,000 consoles in January in the USA and Canada from January 6, 2008 to February 2, 2008. However, as the shortages eased, Nintendo was able to sell over 200,000 consoles in the last two weeks.

Plat....Feb 2......Jan 26.....Jan 19.......Jan 12......Total

Last January 2007, NPD used a five week selling period – In any case, this January is a four week period.

Context.....Year over Year...........Change in Wk. Avgs.
Platform ..07 Jan.....08 Jan......Avg 07/week...Avg 08/week

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pwnmaster30003729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

i never got npd is dat world wide or america only

thanks bro here have a bubble but i dont think u really need it with all that bubble but here anyways

Baba19063729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

worldwide ps3 is selling more than 360, and wii a lot more than both of them. its only usa and canada

Cyrus3653729d ago

Yeah NPD measures only USA and Canada pretty much.

Media crate measures basially all of Japan...

And GFK (sp.?) does europe I believe.

SuperSaiyan43729d ago

It doesnt take an idiot to work that out, looking at just USA and Canada figures then since they are beating the PS3 as always add that to the rest of the worldwide sales and BAM! PS3 is at the bottom.

Cyrus3653729d ago

Huh what are you talking about?

Mr Tretton3728d ago


PS3 outsells 360 worldwide every week

Cryxen3728d ago

Said the 12 year old with a halo avatar.

And USA is one of the only places for the 360 to outsell the ps3, so if you add that to other places, you'd really be subtracting.


mikeslemonade3728d ago

Learn how to read implications. He obviously meant PS3 is outselling 360 weekly since November.

Wicked Sick3728d ago

Denial is a defense mechanism in which a person is faced with a fact that is too painful to accept and rejects it instead, insisting that it is not true despite what may be overwhelming evidence.

Denial of fact: This form of denial is where someone avoids a fact by lying. This lying can take the form of an outright falsehood (commission), leaving out certain details in order to tailor a story (omission), or by falsely agreeing to something (assent, also referred to as "yesing" behavior).

Someone who is in denial of fact is typically using lies in order to avoid facts that they think may be potentially painful to themselves or others.

Where themselves is SuperSaiyan4 and others are the fanboys.

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Hatchetforce3729d ago

And the PS3 closes in on the last stronghold of the 360. They might as well start plugging in that 3rd Place Game Over sign right now. The PS3 outsold the 360 in 2007 and it is going to bury it this year.

power of Green 3729d ago

Huh what are you talking about?

Snukadaman3728d ago

With A price cut coming for maybe both consoles...big games....In north America people are still staying far away from anything blu-ray...unless they are just buying stand alone players....with talk of warners going blu-ray exclusive we have not seen a increase in sales of ps3's..which most people claimed on this very website.

InMyOpinion3728d ago

The PS3 needs to outsell the 360 at least 2:1 to catch up. The tiny lead the PS3 has in sales at the moment (about 100-200k) does not make any significant impact.

DJ3728d ago

But we've seen hardware surges happens before, as with the PS2 during its second year on the market, and with the 360 with the launch of Halo 3. Anything can happen.

People like Jenzo said the PS3 couldn't outsell the 360; 2007 proved them wrong by over a million consoles. Now people are saying the PS3 can't catch up to the 360's install base...

InMyOpinion3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

I never said the PS3 could not outsell the PS3, and I actually believe that the PS3 will pass the 360 in terms of sales. The thing I think is remarkable though is that most people never imagined that the 360 would be in the position it is right now. Myself included. And lets not talk about the Wii =)

InMyOpinion3728d ago

^^ I meant The PS3 could outsell the 360.

wil4hire3728d ago

and the PS3 cant catch up no matter what..

Then It started selling well.. So the argument changed to "well.. the 360 is still selling more monthly"

Now that THAT is over with.. its "WELL.. AT the current rate it would take the PS3 X amount of time."

and then "Well its only a small lead the PS3 has.."

Its as if people don't understand momentum, as if the ps3 will just stay at selling Y amount of units.

Sales are a joke anyway. Everyone gets games, Games sell. 360 sells titles in north america, PS3 sells them across the world's surface. The original logic was "buwuahbaha devs wont support the ps3 due to sales!!!" And people made themselves feel better about it. Well those days are completely over, Judging a system based on 1 year of performance was always ridiculous, and no investment group, but it has to now be beaten over the heads of everyone who enjoyed 07 and the ps3's "Defeat". I imagine these sales threads will get quite boring in the next few months, because it will completely wash away the "sales" argument. If you honestly believe that a PS3 couldn't catch up and out pace an aging 360, you must have been one of the last people on the dreamcast boat. Sinking into the sea.

Facts are:

PS3 sells
360 sells
wii sells
ds sells
psp sells

So all of us gamers WILL get good games in the now, and the future. Especially with Activision and many other devs getting the hang of the PS3. While the PS3 has the visual and technological edge, its going to have to really prove that its exclusives are worth skipping the purchase of a 360 for.. OR buying a PS3 in the first place. It has a lot to contend with as far as Online service as well. Sony is at the point to where it needs to start releasing its famed exclusives, and release Home+Ingame XMB. Then it will be on equal footing with the 360 Game-Feature-Wise. Now THAT will be interesting to see.

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power of Green 3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

VG charts in Europe isn't the best way of tracking numbers I doubt the PS3 has been beating the 360 by that much for the weeks that it supposedly has.

VG under tracks, sometimes they get it right with some consoles and sometimes they are wrong, depending what console they're right with I suppose you'll think its a credible guess. They were right(just about, give or take 10 of thousands) in DEC with 2 out of 3 consoles over tracking the Wii by 200 thousand consoles, what thats 50k a week?.

Its just guessing the demand is all.

I actually think VGC is over ran be PS3 fanatics.

power of Green 3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

RROD talk has me thinking somebodies not very honest has took over VGC.

Drops in sales for the 360 has more to do with its main competition dropping its price two times in a few months and the silence of MSFT than anything, maybe even the fact PS3 sells in two markets one being in the DVD player market and the other in gaming has more to do with the fanboy like fud the VGC post suggest.

light3728d ago

2007 - ps3 = 8.6
- xbox = 7.3
fact from sony and microsoft. so shut the hell up.

darkshiz3728d ago

He's blinded by Bill Gates.
Everything that doesn't make his "360" look good he goes negative on the opposition.

Premonition3728d ago

How old are you seriously? in every news post dealing with PS3 you come with the same old garbage, and your post just dont even make sense at all, I dont know what your thinking while writing these things down, its like your becoming more and more of a caveman of some type. You really need to stop posting all together because if those big disagree numbers dont tell you somethings wrong then I dont know what else stands out and tells you, your posting isnt really welcomed at all unless it deals with the 360, and even then you still post like a 5 year old.

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DJ3728d ago

a great improvement, but Sony obviously wants more than that. Beating MS in worldwide hardware sales is great, but they need full dominance in every territory in order to gain the full confidence of multi-platform developers (and secure even more compelling exclusives).

Genki3728d ago

This isn't to say that 3rd parties are irrelevant, but this generation in particular, there's a very obvious difference between a multiplat and an exclusive.

I like that because it enables devs like Insomniac and Naughty Dog to finally get the recognition, and more importantly funding and resources that they need.

If you look at the PS2 era, even some of the better exclusives didn't look superior enogh to most multiplats for the average joe to bat an eye.

These days, it's very evident, and people are taking notice. This is also a reason why I think it's so foolish when people b*tch and gloat about those multiplat comparison videos. These games, while still fun in their own right, are not representative of what either console is capable of, and most of them are not showpiece titles like the exclusives are.

You're right though, and it's a double whammy in Sony's case, because they've got unmatched first party support in addition to the growing 3rd party support.

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