Is Silent Hill All That's Left?

4Player-"Reviews for Resident Evil 6 have hit the net today and things aren't looking good for the iconic survival-horror series. Having eschewed pretty much everything that makes it both 'survival' and 'horror' it seems like the series has not only done a disservice to itself, but a disservice to the genera that it helped to spawn. I have a myriad of thoughts on this but my main questions now Silent Hill the last great survival horror game?"

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moegooner881998d ago

How exactly is Silent Hill the last great survival horror game, when the latest entry in the franchise got even lower scores than RE6, both are no where near what they used to be, Silent Hill 2, and RE Code Veronica, these were the golden days

-Mika-1998d ago

Omg who cares about review scores. Silent hill always stuck true to it roots. Every Silent hill game I played this gen was scary and creepy. I don't know what these SH fans are always complaining about but it still a great series.

RivetCityGhoul1998d ago

"I don't know what these SH fans are always complaining about but it still a great series."
your not fan then obviously.

knowyourstuff1998d ago

I can't believe the mixed reviews for RE6 game. Some reviewers giving 9's and 8's, other troll sites I don't trust like Destructoid and Gamespot giving it 3 and 4.5 out of 10. Then there's the pseudo intellectual sites like Eurogamer where they have the journalistic integrity of your usual rag tabloid trash magazine. I really don't know what to believe now - that's how objective gaming press is.

But really there have been some technical issues that have held the Silent Hill series back, with glitches galore, framerate and screen tearing issues, it's just a mess, but the creepiness is always there no matter what.

admiralvic1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )


I think you're a little mixed up. When you do a review or at least what you should do, is look at who the game is marketed to. Biohazard 6 apparently fails to be what fans want, so the scores are lower. Other people just look at it in terms of a shooter, which gives it a more "accurate" score. The same thing happened with NInja Gaiden 3 and Final Fantasy XIII. Neither game was truly and completely awful, but both went in a direction that fans were displeased with and received hate.

delicia1998d ago

Siren is a good game in the horror genre. Too bad it did not get a sequel after Blood Curse.

TiberusX871998d ago

I REALLY enjoyed Blood Curse. Best Survival Horror of this generation.

HarryMasonHerpderp1998d ago

A few people who worked on the good Silent Hill games in Japan moved on to make Siren.
Blood Curse is probably the closest game to Silent Hills glory days.

Kyosuke_Sanada1998d ago

Siren was damn good. I always wished for a sequel that weaved all of the missions into one smooth game instead of bite-sized chunks.

fastNslowww1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

That a fucking joke? How does a score determine it's genre, lol?

Downpour is the closest it got to it's original roots of survival horror elements, and atmosphere/puzzles.

Stop being so fucking nostalgic. With it being another generation you cannot expect a fucking clone of broken camera's and controls which both SH2 and veronica had, if that is indeed what you're implying here.

HarryMasonHerpderp1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

Annoys the hell out of me when people claim that Downpour went back to Silent Hills roots.
Downpour was more like Alice In Wonderland than Silent Hill, while a decent game in its own rights please don't even compare it to the original games.

Instead of taking up a ton of space as to why Downpour is a bad Silent Hill game and incomparable to the series roots I will give you a link to the blog I wrote

Braid1998d ago

The last game, namely, Downpour, was not bad at all. It's not Silent Hill 2, sure, but it's still a solid survival horror game unlike Resitend Evil 6, which is pure action now. I'm a proud owner of one copy, and I can easily recommend Downpour to any gamer out there who's interested in some frights.

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Carl_Shocker1998d ago

I would say Dead Space but after all the stuff we've seen for Dead Space 3, the fact EA always ruins developers games by making them action base and generic and the fact it's doing all the things which lead to RE downfall....well....I think survival horror is dead, maybe Zwei will change that though

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rnmartinez1998d ago

I'd like to see a new, old school SH game. I loved 2, it really creeped me out. I could see it making a comeback.

KingOptimusOrigin1111998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

The Last Of Us will solve this survivor horror genre problem.

vortis1998d ago

It's a fantastic looking game but certainly not survival-horror. More like survival-thriller.

srcBFMVBMTH1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

I don't know man. If those Zombie/mutant things


have anywhere close to the crazy AI we've seen already. I'm sure being chased, ambushed, stalked, and just being in close quarters in general with them will make me crap my pants.

Naughty Dog has only shown us human AI for a reason. THEY ARE SAVING THE BEST FOR THE LAST! ...............of Us XD

KingOptimusOrigin1111997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

We haven't seen the infected human gameplay yet.

1998d ago
omarzy1998d ago

Capcom can still do it. Just look at Resident Evil Revelations.

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