Rant Gaming: Resident Evil 6 Review

"Over the past weekend I was lucky enough to play through Resident Evil 6 several times after getting my hands on a copy Friday morning. After countless hours of playing through each campaign (repeatedly) I have to say this game got past all the hate it generated during its early days. Each campaign had it’s own theme, which really brought up the bar for me. No playthrough was exactly the same, and the story was taken to a whole new level. I’d like some fans to note that I will write this review as a game review, not a “it wasn’t old school therefore it sucks” review. Despite that it may not be what some old fans wanted it was a fun game none the less, but I will still address if it stayed true to the series, just not judge it based on those facts."

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markeggertsen2179d ago

I'm still wary of this one after Resident Evil 5. The series took a major dive after the first release on PS1 and became an action film with car chases and big explosions. I miss the rickety, creepy old mansion and sense of isolation. Capcom clearly don't understand what made the classic first game so good.

fabiani2179d ago

re5 was awsome.It aint scary who cares i got dead space n fatal frame for that