Gearbox Isn’t Planning Borderlands 3

iGG: We’re all hungry for more Borderlands , but Randy Pitchford advises you don’t get your hopes up.

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TheFinalEpisode2150d ago

With BL2's success a sequel is a no-brainer at this point.

Carl_Shocker2150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

I know right, it has to happen


Realy want to see the old vault hunters back in action this time round since the whole point they wern't in B2 was so they could get character development. I was annoyed though that they talked so much about killing Jack yet with all the missions they got your character to do it, I mean for example Bloodwing got killed and when it came to the mission Animal Rights instead of Mordecai taking revenge he got you to do it instead. It felt, especialy with what Angel said, that the old vault hunters wern't important anymore yet they were...maybe it was a trick to get you to follow her, who knows but to get your character to do EVERYTHING didn't seem like the old vault hunters.

Obviously Roland won't be there but they will find a replacement, maybe the mechromancer would take his role.

Mordecai would need a new skill since Bloodwing is gone, maybe a new bird or maybe a trained up Skag

Brick can easily dual weild although he could still use his fists with added abilities

Lilith...well she managed to get a lot stronger in Borderlands 2. Her phaseblast is more powerful, she can apparently liquify people as stated in her Echos and she can teleport herself and people. Theres a ton to go on here...maybe let us pick our skill with Lilith.

I mean a new set of characters on Pandora would seem unlikely since another Siren appearing on the same planet as the last 4 would seem far fetched since theres only supposed to be six spread out across the universe. We've had Lilith, Steele, Angel and Maya come to Pandora so to have another one to arrive on Pandora out of ALL the places in the universe would seem unlikely so it makes sense if they went back to Lilith and keep the other two in secret or future games.

I think the main reason I would like to see them back with new skills and abilities is because they've developed relationships with other characters in the game it would be nice to see your character getting some unique dialouge with differn't characters...for example Scooter when talking to Lilith would be all flirty but talking to Brick would have him a little intimidated.

I mean I found it so funny that Liliths reason for being on Pandora was to find another Siren (possibley Steele) yet they had no interaction and in the sequel Mayas reason was to find more about her Siren background and find more Sirens didn't say anything to Lilith when you played her and got up to the mission when you first saw Lilith...not even a "Hey I'm a Siren too but lets talk after Jack is dead".

So it would be nice to get back to those old characters and see there development pay off at last. I just found the old vault hunters more interesting then the new ones, hopefully this time the New vault hunters will get the same treatment as the old vault hunters did in this game.

GhostHero3332149d ago

Steel had never been confirmed a Siren, she just had tattoos on her similar to other sirens. Also Old characters suck compared to the new ones except Lilith.

admiralvic2149d ago

I always thought the 6 siren thing was to over multiplayer. Since Angel, Lilith, Maya and another 3 to count for multiplayer. Perhaps I'm wrong or silly to think that, but thats how I've already read it.

Reibooi2150d ago

There will be a sequel. The game has sold well enough to warrant one and the DLC will probably further that. But that doesn't mean they are gonna start work on it now or anytime soon. They have alot of work with the DLC and the next gen is gonna be starting soon so I would guess they won't start on a new game until at least they know for sure what next gen will be and what they can do with a new Borderlands.

As I've said in a few other comments I would like to see a new cast of characters for a new game. Alot of people seem to want to play the original characters and I have to admit that I to have times when I'm playing the game and wishing I could do Phasewalk instead of Phaselock but they could just make playing the old characters as DLC or something. I think having them back as playable just for the sake of it would make the story a bit stale. They should further expand the world and it's cast by giving even more background on the original cast and shining even more light on BL2 cast.

As far as the Siren thing I kinda agree having more would get a bit off seeing how there are only supposed to be six. That said the story for borderlands has never taken itself to seriously and with that in mind why not have another Siren. Or you know there is no rule that says that the classes need to be the same. Maybe they could go without a Siren again or relegate the class to DLC where you could play as Lilith or Maya.

Chris5582149d ago

Well I reached level 20 and can't get back to it too damn boring:/

Saturne32150d ago

yeah leave that for next gen or something.

Hellsvacancy2149d ago

They will, theyll drop the cell shaded look and go with how they planned it originally

I like it cell shaded, but think it would awesome if done "proper" (proper as in how you would expect a game to look)

Megaton2150d ago

The Borderlands 2 ending begs to differ.

Parappa2150d ago

Now that I think about it...Sega has been working on Shenmue 3 for quite a while now.

wastedcells2150d ago

It's all about the money. They would be smart to take a break tho.

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