Why Sony Should Bundle PS3 and Vita

Sony should really consider bundling its PS3 and Vita in order to create more possibilities for the gamer

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GribbleGrunger2148d ago

I'll be surprised if they don't bundle the two together with LBP2 and the new DLC. If they don't I'll personally kick Sony's face in.

miyamoto2148d ago

Seriously if that bundle happens you automatically have 1) an extra wireless game controller
2) an extra gaming screen/monitor which you can carry in & out of the house
3) an extra portable media player
4) an extra portable internet & YouTube viewing device
5) a Skype call device

at a discounted price. nice.

iamnsuperman2148d ago

It all depends on the price. The price of bundling the Vita with the PS3 might be too great to hit the market and to make the price competative the loss might be too great. Remember the whole idea of this is to make the Wii U less appealing to the average consumer and so a competative price is needed from Sony. Sounds like a great idea but it might just be impossible right now (considering the Vita hasen't been out that long)

Bowzabub2148d ago

Been saying this all along Gribbleman.

timothylittle2148d ago

So what's your point? The article you're referring to is news. This is my opinion of why it would be a good idea

Hide_and_Geek2148d ago

At a recent expo, Sony were really pushing the cross-play functionalities to combat the Wii U interest.

rnmartinez2148d ago

Nice opinion piece. This way I could just tell my wife "dammit sweetheart, I didn't want this Vita, but they made me buy it" :-)

california2148d ago

If Sony wants to do bundles they should bundle games. Bundling 2 systems just makes them look desperate. The point of a bundle is to add value to a purchase. Who wants to buy 2 expensive systems at once.

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