Atari Flashback 4 Review -

The Atari Flashback returns with a new and improved design and brand new wireless controllers. This detailed review covers the history of the previous Flashback consoles, as well as exploring all the details of this great new console. The Atari Flashback 4 is sure to be the hot retro gaming product this Holiday Season.

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rnmartinez2177d ago

This looks awesome. I remember playing Mouse trap until my hand felt like it was going to fall off, but the one I really miss is keystone capers.

Great review, I can't believe that this supports original controllers - that is awesome!

ChunkyLover532177d ago

I love these things, but I still have my original Atari 2600 if I'm ever feeling nostalgic. Hard to believe that so many people found happiness with such terrible graphics, just goes to show that graphics aren't as important as gameplay and fun.