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Digitally Downloaded writes: "I do get why this game isn’t the most commercially successful franchise out there – it’s a fairly aimless game and the charming presentation is an acquired taste. But it’s worth the risk for just about everyone because underneath that surface is a really addictive little package and it represents a nice diversification of the Vita’s game library."

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TiberusX871903d ago

and my axe!

That's what we're doing here right? :P

GuruStarr781903d ago

No where in this review does it mention how the game controls or plays.. does anyone know? Is it an action type rpg? What is the combat like?

ronin4life1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

It should b similar to its Wii predecessor, Little Kings story. Search that out for more details.

In short, think "Pikmin + Harvest moon(A little bit...)" You develop a Kingdom and form your citizens into armies to explore and conquer the known world.
One of my favorite wii games, even though I have yet to finish it...(would have if not for my accidental save deletion...>.<;;; )

ronin4life1903d ago

lol... what did I say differently from onilink, badz and gribble?

--Onilink--1903d ago

action - strategy.

Kinda like pikmin but with some more advanced RPG features. Like town building mechanics, unit upgrades, equipable items (for your team).

Its a really great game, well i`ve played the wii version and i loved it. This one has touch controls and some extra features from the Wii version, so it should be even better

badz1491903d ago

this has been available for awhile now in my area and as somebody who is following the Vita's news very closely, I'm surprised that I've never heard of this!

trikster401903d ago

Ready to download this tomorrow! My Vita needs some lovin'

MySwordIsHeavenly1903d ago

Did you not buy LittleBigPlanet?!?!?!?!?!

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DivineAssault 1903d ago

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knifefight1903d ago

To be honest I WAS wondering how much money everyone's mom makes.

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