More alternate costumes and Mercenaries characters revealed for Resident Evil 6

A few more alternate costumes and Mercenaries characters have been revealed for the upcoming multiplatform survival-horror title from Capcom, Resident Evil 6.

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Dark112177d ago

how do i unlock the alternate costumes?

IWentBrokeForGaming2177d ago

it's a capcom game, don't you know you have to buy them?

Dark112177d ago

No man , alot of people have unlocked the costumes.

IWentBrokeForGaming2177d ago

it was ment as a backsided comment...

maybe their free/unlockable in the game...


maybe they aren't unlockable and have to be bought like Capcom is very well known for doing...

I don't even know why I need to explain this too you! lmfao

GTRrocker6662177d ago

You unlock them by entering your credit card number

Saturne32177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

By playing Resident Evil 2 :D assuming you only care about Leon RPD ,Ada and Sherry retro skins

Saturne32177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

The retro costumes/skins look pretty cool gotta admit.