Torchlight II Review | Saving Content

Excerpt: "Questing is really well done. The main story missions are standard fare and follow a progression, though it is clear you should do as many side missions as you can so you are properly leveled for each area. Even playing the game alone, the difficulty scales quite nicely. And when other’s join, the game adjusts accordingly to keep things challenging. I played through on Veteran and anyone who’s played an Action RPG this year or even Torchlight coming up to the release should play it on this difficulty. Easy and Normal are just far too easy. After Veteran is Elite and that provides the grueling of enemies and something I am not yet prepared for. There’s also the Hardcore mode if you want to play a character with permadeath. I created a character at 5:22pm, got an achievement and at 5:23pm my character died with another achievement."

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