Resident Evil 6 - Capcom released Patch 1.01

Capcom has released the first Patch for Resident Evil 6 on PS3 in europe.

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Yangus2146d ago

Day one patch Capcom?
RE6 nearly perfect game.True.


ShaunCameron2146d ago

What else is new? PS3 version. Day 1 patch.

MaxXAttaxX2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

Nothing wrong with patches. They fix bugs and other issues that may be present in the game. It's just easier to patch games on PS3 because of Microsoft certification and other things are a pain for developers. Otherwise you'd see more patches on 360.

Funny thing is that the PS3 version has less technical issues of the two versions.

deadfrag2145d ago

pLease post something like a link were you saw that the PS3 haves less techical issues than the xbox 360!?If not i will tell that you are full of shit with that fanboy talk!

firefly692145d ago

Thats funny considering that the 360 version runs at better framerate than the PS3!

jetlian2145d ago

lol nathan makes thing up all the time. Both psn and live take 2 weeks to certify patches. Not one MT framework game has been better on ps3

MaxXAttaxX2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

I "make things up all the time", says 'jetlian'. Ok haha.

There are at least 2 reviews that have mentioned this. They talk about the textures and how the frames jitter.
Don't have to take my word for it. You'll get the same mediocre experience on both, so no need to be defensive.

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WilliamH2146d ago

People are bashing a game they haven't even played. Placing their trust in reviewers and we all know how unbiased they are /s. Play the game for yourself and then decide.

NYC_Gamer2146d ago

My dislike for RE6 is based off the demo

WilliamH2146d ago

I disagree, you need to play the game in full in order to make a good argument for disliking it.

Carl_Shocker2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

William the whole point of a demo is to give people a taste of the game, there was two demos and three campaigns each...thats 6 missions people have played, I think people can make there judgments based off that.

Why are people saying now were putting our trust in reviewers when most of us knew this was going to get most low scores from the start, it's like your trying to twist it around now because we were right.

StanSmith2146d ago

I'm with NYC and Carl on this one.

People played the demo and seen how bad it was. Very rarely does a full game differ from the released demos too. It's nonsense to suggest people should pay $60/£40 just to reach the same conclusion. Demos are released for a reason.

In regards to reviewers being "biased", that is utter nonsense too. The reviewers have been spot on here. This is a terrible game. Even if you forget the fact that it no longer feels like the Resident Evil of old, the game still plays like a poor Gears of War clone.

Capcom tried to create a me too game expecting Call of Duty like sales. The game failed and Capcom failed. This is the kick up the arse Capcom needed. Perhaps they won't ignore gamers now.

Plagasx2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

and my dislike for RE6 is because of Capcom destroying the once great survival horror franchise in to another generic Gears of War/COD like tps.

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SageHonor2146d ago

I've played the game. ( got it early )

It's shit.

Solefever2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

Well said William. The number of people ripping the game to pieces on the word of reviewers alone ,without even playing it for themselves is truly mind boggling.

StanSmith2146d ago

Had this game received 10/10 from reviewers, you would be saying "in you face hatez! GOTY CONFIMEDZ!" Somehow, I don't think it's the reviewers who are biased.

Also, as Carl pointed out, there has been 6 levels released across 2 demos. You're dreaming if you suddenly think the full game will change from that. People played it and they and the reviewers hated it.

If you like it then that's great, but don't assume everyone does/should share your opinion too. We all have guilty pleasures in gaming. Mine being DNF. Ripped a new one by reviewers, but I enjoyed it. Doesn't mean it was a AAA game though. Just like RE6 isn't.

dark-hollow2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

do you realize that they released a demo some days ago?

yes, a demo isnt enough to judge the whole game but there are things present in it that i doubt would change in the full game.

the clunky controls? the half assed cover and shooting mechanics? the non existing horror? health regeneration? chris laughable section of the demo with all the explosions i even forgot that am playing a resident evil game.

a demo is demonstration of the full game, and when it sucks, then dont be surprised if people complained. especially with all the negative impressions and reviews.

the writing is on the wall.

Qrphe2146d ago

Most of us have already played the demo for this game so yes, we have played it and made up our minds.

Melwen2146d ago

Has anyone had an issue getting this patch?
I received a message after downloading the patch that says 'The copyright protection information is invalid'. I've bought the game on PS Store and my acct is active.

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