LittleBigPlanet Cross Compatibility: Beta Items Not Compatible, God of War Pack Mishap, More

With LittleBigPlanet Vita having released across the three regions in the past few weeks, cross compatible downloadable content is being gradually added to the Playstation Store. Unfortunately for some out there who have a rather large collection of LittleBigPlanet DLC, not everything is compatible, nor is it planned to be, it seems.

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Go away, stupid articles.

Cam9772181d ago

So I can't use my beta vest then.

Tired2181d ago

the beta vest from lbp2 was the first thing I downloaded and works fine with lbpvita for me.

don't know what this guy is on about.

Cam9772181d ago

Thanks for cleaning that up for me.

proskatercam2180d ago

What region are you in? I can look in both the PS3 Playstation Store, as well as the LBP Vita in game store, and it is nowhere to be found, despite having it. I even checked the actual Vita Playstation Store, and still nothing.

Tired2180d ago was in the store from day one.

The psn store under psvita add ons...lbpv special's listed as beta reward participation costume. added 15/08/2012. tho if your american it should prob be 08/15/2012.

I've not checked if it's in the store accessed directly from the game but I wore mine day one.

the god of war pack does appear to be only stickers though.

proskatercam2180d ago

Well I'm in North America, and neither of the beta costumes are anywhere to be found. I even on PS3 went to my download list, downloaded the two beta items, and even though I can wear them in game, they don't show in the "Store" section at all (PS3, LBP2). This leads me to believe there is something wrong with them on the store in general.

Tired2180d ago

I've just re-read your article and quite frankly I'm shocked.

I'm 'lead to believe' that you might see yourself as some form of journalist. Yet appear to require zero research on your articles. I can only presume you plan on working for Fox News one day.

Tarsier have already gone on the record as stating that ALL DLC from both iterations of the LBP games WILL be compatible. They said it will take time to ensure that this is possible and will be rolled out as and when.

YOU then jump onto the world stage and pronounce
'not everything is compatible, nor is it planned to be, it seems.'

It seems? Is that what it seems like? Only you can't be bothered to check. Or are you too stupid to check? Too scared maybe?

'Unfortunately, these two items WILL NOT be cross compatible, and will have to be earned again'???? wtf? will not?


You made an assumption without checking ANY facts.

I mean you could have tweeted Tarsier to ask them. They do reply. You have no quotes from any official Sony/PSN spokeperson on the matter, this is purely conjecture. And wrong by the way.
What you have printed is complete misinformation.

Of course the two Beta items aren't in the ps3 lbp2 store....
They were emailed to you as a code that you redeemed. They have NEVER been in the store as they are not for sale, you can only get them from your download list AFTER you typed in the code you were send.

However the Beta vest IS in the Vita LBPV store, and is marked 'free' because the store recognises that the lbp2 version is in your download list and that you are able to download it gratis. Just like all the other cross buy titles and dlc.

So no...nothing 'wrong' with the store.

It may be fortuitous in the future to double check before submitting. And it's always handy to keep in the back of your mind that North America is not the whole world.

'Stay tuned as we will update you as more information on the matter becomes available.'

I'm waiting x

proskatercam2180d ago

Actually no, we contacted Tarsier, and I quote:
"The Beta costumes won't be cross compatible. You have to earn them again for LBPV."
No where in that does it say that Europe is excluded from this, nor Japan, or anywhere for that matter. It simply says that they won't be cross compatible.
Did you ever think that Europe isn't the whole world? Just because the Vest is available in your region, doesn't mean it is available everywhere else. Look at PS1 classics for Vita; different regions have different games available so far.

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Wrong reply...