Despite Negative Reviews, Resident Evil 6 Will Still Sell

Holygrenade collects various reviews online in an attempt to determine whether Resident Evil 6 would be a hit this holiday season.

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dedicatedtogamers2086d ago

I'm not so sure it will sell a lot. Dragon's Dogma didn't sell all that well. Lost Planet 2 didn't sell all that well. CAPCOM vs Tekken didn't sell that well. A lot of CAPCOM franchises are on the decline.

It makes sense that RE5 would sell because, despite its shortcomings, it was the first modern-gen RE game, so of COURSE it would sell. But a lot of people were burned by that game, and CAPCOM's reputation has only continued to suffer as time goes on.

Filthcardia2086d ago

The thing is, at least in the video game world, the Resident Evil brand is so ubiquitous it's hard to see it disappointing. Whether it lives up to the standards of games past isn't up to me, but the sales numbers will resonate with everyone. And it will sell well.

Dark112085d ago

I agree it will sell good , and haters will suck it.

maniacmayhem2085d ago

RE is a very established IP. It has many fans that will buy it on name alone. I know a lot of folks who are going to purchase it just because it's a RE game and they have enjoyed past RE games a whole lot.

Capcom vs. Tekken didn't sell because that game was garbage.

wishingW3L2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

Resident Evil franchise is huge! I was yesterday on Gamestop trying to buy the first Dead Space game and I couldn't believe how many people were in line pre-ordering RE6 to then go to the mid-night launch that same day.

The store had a line so long I ended up buying Dead Space on Amazon instead. XD

And SF vs Tekken didn't sell because what fans really want is Capcom vs SNK 3 but like always they just don't listen!

smashcrashbash2086d ago

And people are proud of that which is the scary part. Many people just seem to buy something to prove a point these days rather then to buy a good game.

Filthcardia2086d ago

True. But Capcom doesn't care either way. Frankly, they could tarnish the good name of RE and the series would still sell into the millions.

Carl_Shocker2086d ago

It's not about sales, it's about if the game was good, if the good lived up to the franchises name, if the game managed to be a true RE expected though it dosen't and thats what matters the most.

The game is terrible...sales or not it's only because it's got RE slapped on the box art.

Filthcardia2086d ago

You see, the reviews were categorically divided. Dtoid gave it a 30 while GameInformer gave it an 88. To be fair, the 30 came from Jim Sterling, known for his callousness. It's the staying power that RE has which Capcom is playing on.

Carl_Shocker2086d ago

Well to be fair mate I'm seeing more negative ones then possitve. I mean 8s arn't bad but this is RE were talking about, a game where in the past RE4 got nearly perfect scores and was criticaly acclaimed. If it was a new IP, which it should of been, then it would of gotten the benefit of the doubt but it's RE, it had it's own past to live up to and it failed.

I mean RE5 didn't sell more because it was good, it sold because how amazing RE4 was.

TheDivine2085d ago

Jim is a troll with horrible tastes. Gave Kid Icarus, The Last Story and many other games i adored very bad scores. Those two were two of my favorite games this year along with Xenoblade and RE Revelations. He hates to hate period.

Gameinformer i dont trust as theyre owned by Gamestop. Every big game gets good reviews (especially something they make buku bucks from ads with). Not saying theyre biased but i dont trust them.

The reviews are all over the place though. To me that means if your looking for this you'll love it and if your expecting that you'll hate it. I like a bit of this and a bit of that so im good!

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izumo_lee2085d ago

Just like with all the Call of Duty's, the latest Final Fantasies, & eventually this game it will sell cause of the brand name.

Developers can put out a garbage game but as long as there is brand recognition people will buy it nonetheless. A lot of people will be wasting $60 on this latest Resident Evil & that is actually pretty sad considering the legacy of this franchise.

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