GiantBomb-Tokyo Jungle Review

GB:Tokyo Jungle is so much more than a “wacky game from Japan.” It would be easy to enjoy Tokyo Jungle ironically, but the reason I’ve sunk more than 15 hours into a dog-on-cat-on-dinosaur-on-hipp o world where humanity no longer exists is because Tokyo Jungle also happens to be a good game.

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Honky Kong2179d ago

finally about to get a ps3. this is a must!

badz1492179d ago

good for you! and to make it sweeter, many of PS3's greatest games are now available in great value bundles too! enjoy!

Theo11302179d ago

actually, I want a ps3 to play this game after that preview.

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Yodagamer2179d ago

If only capcom (among other japanese dev.) could see this review, embrace your foreign gaming making skills instead of trying to copy american dev., you'll make better games in the end.

Hicken2179d ago

Sadly, they've seen the big money that Western franchises rake in, and want a slice of that pie.