Setting Fallout 4

Calitreview: Recently, rumors started circulating that Bethesda may be considering the city of Boston, Massachusetts, as the primary setting for the next Fallout game, theoretically the 4th numbered sequel. Though this rumor hasn’t been confirmed, and is contrary to earlier statements, but it seems plausible.

Not only was The City on a Hill obliquely referenced in Fallout 3 via the mysterious civilization known as The Commonwealth (and “The Institute”, theoretically a scientific society emerging from MIT), but considering Bethesda’s familiarity with the Eastern seaboard, it makes sense for them to set the game in a location that’s within their geographic wheelhouse.

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seanpitt232182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

This needs to come on next gen consoles using I'd tech 5 or an improved engine from fallout 3.

claud32182d ago

Totally agree. Next gen us the most logical approach to this series

pandehz2182d ago

Pls include borderlands 2 style loot and physx.

I soo wanna see some exploding bodies in physx

BabyTownFrolics2182d ago

evil boston accents!

waa, waa neva changes