Resident Evil 6 Review | EGM

EGM: "Leon and Jake’s respective campaigns mark a return to greatness for this franchise, but Chris’s bro-fest campaign comes up a little short."

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DivineAssault 2147d ago

interesting.. an 8.5 from egm on this game as well as spam above me.. i wont read neither of the articles tho..

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For me res always needed more action, but not at the expensive of horror. i always wanted to blow a zombie through a door, shoot my way through doors and be more of a bad azz

every door is some pre animated cut scene, qte shoundnt be in this game, are any game for that matter. is there a reason why i still cant jump are is full control over your character still to much for devolpers, i want to jump on top of a car which is being surround by zombies, which are trying to topple the car over, i could go on, but its obvious capcom and to be honest most devolpers cant deliver the goods, but i do have great faith in rockstar