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Chad from We Got This Covered wrote:

"Having begun its zombified life sixteen years ago, the Resident Evil franchise is a digital mainstay and a survival horror icon that many gamers have devoted countless hours to. Since those early days, we’ve been treated to shambling corpses, resurrected dogs, hideous monsters and infected humans, all of which have appeared in an attempt to raise heart rates. For that reason, it’s not surprising that the series and its firsts – such as the first time that the dog jumped through the window in the original game – have stuck with fans."

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vortis2185d ago

Wow, the reviews for this game are so freaking mixed it's hard to tell who got this covered right.

Tornadobounce2184d ago

Younger generation will like it. Long time fans not so much. It's made to be played online. Fuck that.

vortis2184d ago

Based on a lot of comments across various review sites, you seem to be 100% dead-on correct.

I'm seeing old-school core gamers rail on this game and new-schoolers talk about how fun the action will be and they can't wait.

I'm just glad some of the reviewers are actually standing their ground this time around and not being "me too" advertorial sites.

maximus19852185d ago

you can tell that they tried to please everyone and couldnt decide on the best route. So it looks like they gave us 3 unpolished paths hopefully this means they can learn from this and get back to the fear. i think that people will still complain though because part of what made resident evil scary was tank controlls, limit item space and slow pacing with repeated backtracking. i can see it now " man resident evil is too old they need to update the mechanics" damn if you do or dont.

vortis2184d ago

DayZ has proved that you don't need tank controls to have a scary game. A lot of it is based on atmosphere and, like you mentioned, pacing.

The biggest problem is that the game is now so fast paced that it's hard to take it serious as a horror game. It's like it was designed for kids with ADD.