PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale - Dream Roster: Papo & Yos Quico

IGN - The obscure art game Papo & Yo, which came exclusively to PSN, should get some love in All-Stars. Our rousing conversation on Podcast Beyond explains why.

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Reverent1898d ago

Not hating on IGN or anything, but I'm pretty sure not a single person cares about their dream roster list these days.

Relientk771898d ago

Their dream roster is like REALLY bad, I dont know what they are thinking

WesMcLaren1897d ago

It's a parody list, they make it a weekly gag on podcast beyond, and then animate it.

Relientk771897d ago

Ok that makes more sense, because they used to have videos of the game and say characters like Crash and Spyro in the game, and then they started making these parody videos and the choices havnt been so good lol

FACTUAL evidence1898d ago

Am I like the only person who didn't forget about jersey devil!?!? He should of been in the game. Hope he comes in a sequel.

typikal821898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

Level 3, Alcoholic Dad (non monster version) rampages and beats everyone with his belt

Sigh1898d ago

i feel like they made this series to troll fans anticipating PS Allstars BR. So far their list sucks.

smashcrashbash1898d ago

I think most of the time they are just messing around