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We’ve heard the rumblings. The cries. The complaints. “2012 doesn’t look like it has that much going on; everything is in 2013,” people have murmured, and while it’s true that 2013 looks absolutely crazy, we don’t think it’s wise to write off 2012--not yet, at least.

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StrawHatPatriot2060d ago

Notice how three are FPS (Dishonoured has a little bit but doesn't count but still)

Three are Sequels

Five of them contain violence

You know what that tells you?

That tells you that developers are too conservative. You're gonna start seeing less and less genres for home consoles in the future and less new IP's. "According to IGN's list of upcoming games, over 70% of the games that have yet to be released is either going to be a sequel or prequel."

Like I mentioned on the other thread:

"For example, after watching the E3 "The Last of Us", is the game gonna be that different from Uncharted, gameplay wise?"
Too much conservative behavior, I sense a game crash especially if cloud gaming takes over.

With all that being said, the games on the list are still good, I'm not saying they're bad or anything.

Benjamminkno2060d ago

The complaints about Nintendo rehashes comes to mind. It seems the state of the industry is causing developers to minimize risks and sell what historically sells well. Will GTA, Halo, COD, or Mario be much different than their predecessors?... no, but people still love em. They're just chasing the money. As long as they keep making them progressively better, we'll be there to eat it all up.

lategamer2060d ago

This comment isn't directly specifically at you, but just at some people I've seen on this site.

I've seen a lot of comments saying they want to see changes in Mario, Halo, CoD, etc. Why? Why would you want to see drastic changes in a franchise fans love? It'd would only upset the fans, who buy these games for a reason.

People love GTA, Halo, Mario, and for a good reason. They provide great gameplay, are polished, and extremely fun.

I see tons of comments like, "more of the same," etc., but thats what fans want. I don't want Halo to be a survival/horror shooter. I don't want Mario to deviate from it's platforming routes. I want these games to stay similar to there prevous formulas, and mean while add something new.

And most of the time, thats what they do. Compare Galaxy to Sunshine, or 64, or Mario World. Compare Halo 4 to Halo 3 to Halo 2. You'll see plenty of game-play changes.

grailly2060d ago

" I sense a game crash especially if cloud gaming takes over."
hum, wat?
if cloud gaming takes over games are still being sold, just not physically

MaxXAttaxX2060d ago (Edited 2060d ago )'re saying you can't tell the difference between The Last of Us and Uncharted? -__-
Please tell me I read that wrong, because they're mechanically different.

lategamer2060d ago (Edited 2060d ago )

This tells me that we are nearing the end of the gen. A lot of new IPs come out at the start of the gen. Bioshock, Assassins Creed, Saints Row, Two Worlds, Metro 2033, Crysis, Mass Effect, Gears, Lost Oddysey, Blue Dragon, Viva Pinata, inFAMOUS, etc.

You'll see plenty of unique games at the start of next gen. It just happens. There are some exceptions, but this is usually the case. At the end of last gen, we saw Jak X, Sly 3, etc.

As for FPS's, thats the popular genre this generation. Previous generations had Platformers, RPGs, etc. that sold well. This gen. shooters are selling very well, and the public loves them.

As for Last of US, it's very different than Uncharted. For one, Uncharted was also a platformer. Last of Us similar TPS mechanics, but I also see more focus on stealth and "survival." Yes, animations are similar & graphics have a similar look. But the gameplay seems far more shooter/combat focused, and a lot more brutal.

This generation we've seen less JRPGs, platformers, and some other games. But we've seen a rise in shooters & WRPGs. We've also seen the resurgence of fighting games (BlazBlue, SF, MVC, etc.).

Indie & Smaller, Bite-sized games have also been increasing more popular on consoles. XBLA and PSN have been a great source of quality titles. Journey, Trials, etc.

MrKim122057d ago

I am baffled by your comment.

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deletingthis346753342060d ago (Edited 2060d ago )

Shooters, zombie games, and driving games. The future of gaming...

StrawHatPatriot2060d ago

More shooters... there's not that much driving games compared to the past on home consoles...

Nintendo doesn't make much F-Zero games anymore, Gran Turismo isn't a mainstream game you know anymore, etc.

killershadow1172060d ago

Well one genre always dominates a generation. Last one it was platformers and this one happens to be shooters.

StrawHatPatriot2060d ago

Nah, platformers dominated the NES and parts of the PS1/N64 days.

Last generation had a lot of variety.

killershadow1172060d ago

Sorry, I didn't make it clear what I meant. I meant generation of people, not console generation. Thanks for pointing that out.

Relientk772060d ago

^ I am so glad I'm part of the platformer generation

Bigpappy2060d ago

The Bulk of sales will go to COD and Halo. Then Assassin's Creed and Far Cry, followed closely by possible sleeper hits: Dishonored and Forza Horizon.

I don't know of anything else that could make a splash. MOH is a possibility, but that would be a big surprise due to the competition

digitalkid2060d ago

Dishonored & XCOM! That's all.

stuntman_mike2059d ago

green man gaming have 25% discount you can use against games on their site, i got Dishonored for £22.50. the game looks awesome.

Also people should check out "Of Orcs and Men" a new RPG out at the same time as Dishonored looks really good too.

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