Review: Sony's PULSE Wireless Stereo Headset - Elite Edition AKA:"Beats by Shei" (Examiner)

Examiner's Tanya Valdez writes: Sony Electronic's has released the PULSE Wireless Stereo Headset - Elite Edition that are fresh on the market. Bringing the feel of the boom and the bass, PULSE - Elite offers the player the ultimate audio experience with key features that will be discussed throughout the review.

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TheGameScouts2117d ago

Wow, this looks awesome. Great review!!

MuleKick2117d ago

Any idea on the frequency response? Cant find that information anywhere. I know that Sony's MDR-X10 has a range of 3-29,000 Hz and they sound Amazing!!!

Aceman182117d ago

i order one on Saturday just waiting for it to arrive.

Beatboxtaun2117d ago

You're going to love them. I carry mine everywhere.

Aceman182117d ago

my brother bought a pair i tired it out, and man i gotta say Sony did a really great job with this one.

i immediately notice the noise cancelling feature, and the enhanced boost is awesome.

brettyd2117d ago

Just got mine today, awesome headphones.

kingPoS2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

If I plug 3.5 aux jack into the dongle, will my reciver pump sound through it. I'm curious to know?

Tru_Blu2117d ago

Should, I used to hook run of the mill headphones into my receiver at night. Using an adapter for the size difference.

KONAAs2117d ago

the dongle dosnt have the 3.5 jack, the jack is on the headset its self

kingPoS2116d ago

The old model didn't have a jack.
For some reason alot of promo pics have if facing another direction or don't show the dongle at all... weird?

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The story is too old to be commented.