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Empire writes:

"Borderlands 2 isn’t a game to be played alone. While it’s a perfectly competent single-player experience, to make the most out of this ludicrous role-playing-game-cum-shoot-‘e m-up then enlisting an additional three gun-toting maniacs is a fundamental necessity."

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Relientk771898d ago

Glad this game is getting such great review scores, definitely deserves them

Bathyj1898d ago

I'm playing it alone and loving it.

Pintheshadows1897d ago

I just hit the level cap with my Siren doing the Hyperion arena. Tough. Good loot though. Got a great purple Dahl rifle as well that over 5000 damage with an insane fire rate.

I'm going to try Dukino's mum solo next (that sounds bad). I found it the hardest mission on my first playthrough. Died many times.

Pintheshadows1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

What platform?