Crytek Talks Crysis 2, Far Cry Movie and CryEngine 2

Cevat Yerli, co-founder, president and CEO of German game developer Crytek, recently was a featured speaker (for the second year running) at Imagina 2008, the annual 3D technology conference in Monaco. Following his discussion on the lessons learned from developing Far Cry and Crysis on CryENGINE and CryENGINE 2, he spoke about the changing face of game development.

"A Crysis movie is definitely planned," said Yerli. "We are in active talks already. I think we will close this topic before the end of this year."

On the next game: "I believe we will release our next game quicker than Crysis, so I estimate a two to three year cycle."

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Charlie26883754d ago

Kudos to Crytek for Crysis I am almost finished with it and its F-CKING mind blowing just the level "Core" its possibly THE best looking level in a game ever made O.O (you can also get VERY dizzy or disoriented with that level too a la Descent :P)

pwnsause3754d ago

jeez man, dont make me get a 3000 dollar PC man, I always wanted to play this game, but i cant play it

Charlie26883754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

You dot need a 3000 dollar PC for it I bought my new one for 1500 and I can run it at MAX on DX9 (DX10 goes to hell, but that is for everybody including the $5000 PCs) and considering I bought some excesses (like 4GB or RAM or an overkill Motherboard) and considering you can get better deals replacing the 8800GTS I bought with the new 8800GT and that some parts are cheaper now (I bought the processor around launch time so it was overpriced) you can get it for around 1000 to 1200 tops and you will run it like I said at MAX on DX9 (the rest of the games like UT3, COD4 and even World in Conflict run with THE max setting possible smoothly)

pwnsause3754d ago

thats the thing though, I want to play it at full specs

Graphics by ATi3754d ago

UWE BOLL did the Far Cry movie?!?!?!?

Oh my god....please no....oh please say he didn't....

I'm gonna cry...