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GamingTrend writes:

"I have fond memories as a child of going to local arcades and national chain pizza restaurants whose only reason for having pizza – the quality of which was debatable at best and nonexistent at worst – was to get kids inside to pump quarters into the myriad of arcade games on display. Sure, I’d spend my time on the latest and greatest; Ninja Turtles the Arcade Game here, Time Crisis there, all with their own unique thrills and experiences. But the one thing I kept coming back to, the one thing I always looked for, was pinball. I loved finding a pinball machine I hadn’t played yet, to see if this particular machine would outdo the previous ones I’d played with crazy skill shots and convoluted ramp systems. Each machine was unique, with its own quirks and rules of play. I lived for the rush of hitting that tricky shot, and hated the feeling of missing the ball by just a hair, ending my million point streak."

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