Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Demo Update

The multiplayer demo for Lost Planet: Extreme Condition is temporarily being removed from the PlayStation Network in order to address issues that have come to light. We will be working overtime to correct the issue and expect to upload a new version to the PlayStation Network as soon as possible that accurately reflects the incredible online features of the game. For those of you who have already downloaded the demo, the servers are being taken down until the new version is ready to go. Sony apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and your interest in Lost Planet.

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Spike473760d ago

it really pissed me off, we should get another map for all the hassle.

I mean timeshift has 2 maps with 3 modes and you can change your character.

Lol, I was so pissed of when tryibg to get into a game of some random dude. It said 5/8 players and when I tried to enter it said it was full. Almost all my psn friends were trying to play it lol.

ruibing3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

Capcom is working overtime on a weekend for a free demo, give them a break. It's not like the entire network is down, just this single port which most of us won't purchase anyways in light of better games to come.

lswanson13760d ago

All I can say is this...."FU!" to all those people who tried to report my initial story on the problems with this demo!

GIJeff3760d ago

blows chunks. It can stay on the xbox for all i care.

meepmoopmeep3760d ago

too late Capcom... i'm fed up so i won't bother with the fixed one. no hard feelings. i've lost complete interest.

Vulcan Raven3760d ago

it took 25 minutes and most of the games said 1/8 and it was always full. I waited because i am craving some 3rd person action. It was a decent game, but army of 2 is my next purchase.

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