Resident Evil 6 Review (Planet Xbox 360)

Let the haters hate. There's a pretty good game here.

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UltimaEnder2120d ago

I agree, flawed but not horrible...

LaurenKB1232120d ago

Gonna try it out on game fly...

Carl_Shocker2120d ago

"haters hate"

Oh please....don't be so butt hurt that it's getting crap reviews. People who said that on here said "wait for the reviews", we have and the majority of them say it's crap and nothing like a RE game. I highly doubt thats "hating" it's more like you knew it was going to be crap, stood your ground, didn't buy into Capcoms lies and saved yourself money...think that deserves a pat on the back to be honest

Parappa2120d ago

And I've pat myself on the back from day 1.

vortis2120d ago

Haters hating on the haters are disagreeing with you. Not surprising.

SilentNegotiator2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

A lot of crappy reviews written by fanboys start that way. They write to defend, not review.

maximus19852120d ago

you can tell that they tried to please everyone and couldnt decide on the best route. So it looks like they gave us 3 unpolished paths hopefully this means they can learn from this and get back to the fear. i think that people will still complain though because part of what made resident evil scary was tank controlls, limit item space and slow pacing with repeated backtracking. i can see it now " man resident evil is too old they need to update the mechanics" damn if you do or dont.

Tornadobounce2120d ago

It needs to go back to its original style.

dredgewalker2120d ago

RE4 had a good mix of actin and survival horror. Can't believe how they messed up the spirit of the franchise.

CcreapMurda3102120d ago

Haters gonna hate? Kiss my muthafuccin azz.

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