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After Resident Evil 5, the game’s producer Jun Takeuchi admitted that for Resident Evil 6, the franchise would require a “completely new system”. And, although Takeuchi turned over the reigns to Hiroyuki Kobayashi and Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, it’s clear that Resident Evil 6 is unlike anything we’ve seen from the storied franchise before. After a number of anxiety-filled hours, I can say that’s not necessarily a good thing. - PSLS

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T3mpr1x1995d ago

Meh. I'll still buy it for my fiancée, since she's a die-hard Resident Evil fan.

Heavenly King1995d ago

I am buying it. I don't give a damn about reviews anymore. I enjoyed both demos, every gameplay video I have seen is great and I am a fan of all RE games; so this is a must buy for me.

I wonder when people will stop listening to reviews, and judge the games by themselves, watching gameplay vids, trailers and playing the demos.

I have had lots of fun with games rated mediocre like God Hand, Shadows of the Damned, NeverDead, etc. That is why I don't trust reviews.

From the demos I can tell this game plays very different from your standard 3rd person shooter; and I love that because Capcom is trying new things. I hate when every other game tries to be a clone of other; because playing the same thing for 3-4 times gets boring, that is why I am happy with Capcom this time (even though I have hate them in the past due to their Disk locked content nonsense). The gameplay takes a bit to get used to it, but the more you play it the better it gets, and if you are playing with a friend, it is a blast.

Can not wait for tomorrow!!

GrahamGolden1995d ago

have fun in your little uncharted of wars rip off

this is no more a resident evil buta mediacore third person shooter with awful-dated mechanics

jetlian1995d ago

the shooting is better than uncharted lol and it has nothing in common with that series.

Horny1995d ago

Have you played the game? It tries to be Uncharted with a resident evil twist but ends up falling flat when it comes to gameplay and mechanics. Resident evil used to be my favorite franchise next to metal gear, I have fully accepted that that it turned into mediocrity.