Sins of a Solar Empire reviewed by GameSpy

The reason that Sins of a Solar Empire works is that it truly respects and celebrates both styles of strategy gaming. It marries the grand scope and Nietzschian will-to-power embodied by the best "4X" conquer-the-universe titles with the adrenaline-fueled immediacy and moment-to-moment decision making of a great real-time strategy game. More than that, it uses the best aspects of both styles to create a uniquely enjoyable experience that shouldn't be missed by any strategy gamer out there who thinks they've got what it takes to rule the galaxy.

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Charlie26883723d ago

I am SO getting this game after reading more and more good reviews and the game is dirty cheap in some places :D

JsonHenry3723d ago

Hey man, it is GOOD. I bought it yesterday and played it for about 5 hours. The game is a lot of fun. The graphics are kinda lame for a new game though. I mean, it looks good - but X3 came out at least 2-3 years ago and looks way better than this game.

But this game is a lot more fun than X3. Not to mention it is a RTS. I love me some real time strategy games.

Gondee3723d ago

i just bought i 2 days ago. It has one heck of a learning curve. but after that. ITS AWSOME.

to him. im playing on a 8800GTXOC and it does not look lame.
hundreds to thousands vs hundereds to thousands. with all those lazers going every where. =) =)

this game diserved alot more hype.

If you play online, add me, im Gondee.

mariusmal3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

they look "lame" as you say because they wanted everyone enjoying it.... ppl with older pc's and ppl with newer ones. i quited being an hardcore pc gamer because of the constant upgrades. every year a new pc or graphic card costing hundreds of money.

im playing sins for some days ( i pre ordered it) its a great game and i think im gonna play it for months to come

MK_Red3723d ago

This title deserve much more hype. Glad to see it got such great and positive review form GameSpy.