A Few Overlooked All-Stars

HardReset discusses what characters they'd love to see in Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale and calls readers to send them their favorite ideas.

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Relientk771308d ago

I agree with all 4 characters and think they should all be in the game, but I dont really call Crash, and Cloud overlooked

Zacman90001308d ago

I understand what you mean, but in the end (as far as we know) they didn't make the final cut

LordMe1308d ago

Replace Vivi with Dart, and Raziel with Kat, we have to rep for the Vita right now. But overall, I would not mind Raziel in the game.

and this:

"Level 2: Fenrir – Cloud rides his motorcycle slashing back and forth at enemies"

No... Just give him Meteor Rain as his level 2

Zacman90001308d ago

Meteor rain wouldn't be a bad idea, but the game seems to have a penchant for characters who have signature vehicles riding them

MWH1308d ago

"Raziel... You are worthy."

NonApplicable1308d ago

Haven't seen this article before...

Veneno1308d ago

I believe that NIS got completely gipped by Sony. They've been loyal to Playstation more than any otherof the publishers featured in the game.