How Black Ops 2 makes online multiplayer less intimidating

"For as popular as it is, there are still a lot of people that don't play multiplayer," David Vonderhaar, game design director at Treyarch said about the ubiquitous Call of Duty franchise. "And quite frankly, that bugs the sh*t out of us."

Given its rabid fan base, the competitive aspect of Call of Duty may seem increasingly foreboding with each iteration. Black Ops 2 tries to break the mold, by making the online accessible to "every single type of player."

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Cam9771937d ago

Even more simplistic? Ugh! I wish Cod would die and Moh had stayed in WWII! Airborne showed some promising ideas which could've been altered to make it better than any generic, modern FAP released today. I love MoH but it has ruined itself going modern.

3-4-51937d ago

I don't think you understand this.

Apocalypso1937d ago

Clearly didn't even read it.

ginsunuva1937d ago

Less intimidating than it already is? Lol

robavila951937d ago

CoD is noob friendly, that's why it's so popular.