Resident Evil 6 will sell loads contrary to the negative reviews

Most games receive a number of low review scores, but in this instance should Capcom be worried when it's an all too familiar story for them.

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NYC_Gamer2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

The Resident Evil brand is strong enough to move units regardless of quality

LOGICWINS2186d ago

I can agree with this, but I think it will sell less than Capcom projected.

blitz06232186d ago

Yes definitely. I mean, a lot of fans and of course potential customers were already angry with the direction the franchise was heading. So some hardcore fans already are gonna pass on this one, then there won't be as much newcomers if they realize the latest installment is averaging a much lower average score than its predecessors.

Carl_Shocker2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

So true but thats what bugs me with Capcom

It's Resident Evil, even if they stayed true to it's roots and kept it as a horror game the game would still sell. Trying to turn it into COD to gain a bigger audience is just replacing fans with new ones, not making the audience bigger.

I mean thats why they changed it in the first place to try and attact a bigger crowd for more money or to secure sales, yet they could of kept it like a RE game and it would of still sold a ton.

blitz06232186d ago

Really, the same can be said for most other games. They are now trying to attract a bigger audience and as a result suffer changes that make them worse. The people that get hit the most are the original fans that know what changes the franchises have undergone.

Diablo 3 is less hardcore now AND it has an auction house. FFXIII was so linear even a 7 year old can beat it.

Chris5582186d ago

Well true I would buy but now it's so easy to pass thank god :D

Chris5582186d ago

The only game i would buy regardless if it's shit gothic put that name on tv i buy it bro

Biohazard88602186d ago

True but sadly this will just be a rent for me capcom does not deserve my hard earned money.

Eyeco2185d ago

yeah true ,but it would be sad if the next instalments were exactly like this game, the future of the franchise wouldn't look very bright

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RaidensRising2186d ago

Joe casual will lap up this game.

Blastoise2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

Man, I hate that guy

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GamerElite2186d ago

Resident Evil 6 will blow loads due to the negative reviews


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