Intense violence and more detailed for Medal of Honor: Warfighter

The Entertainment Software Rating Board today revealed their rating summary for Medal of Honor: Warfighter, detailing the game’s intense violence and other mature-rated content.

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shivvy241999d ago

for some reason im not excited for both COD and MoH

Vic_Mackey1997d ago

Well, cod is old, and the last moh had a good single player, but good god the multiplayer sucked donkey balls. Not buying either.

shivvy241997d ago

Yea , im actually interested in some of the new ip's like Last of Us and Dishonoured

Cam9771999d ago

I really don't care about FPSes anymore.

Breadcrab1999d ago

I'm surprised that MoH 2010 only had "Violence" as opposed to "Intense Violence," even though I distinctly remember blowing enemies' heads off in that game.

Rob Hornecker1999d ago

Well if you don't like military FPS games ,you could always play Minecraft!!!