Assassin’s Creed III: Inside Ubisoft’s biggest project ever

EDGE- Assassin’s Creed III is the biggest game that Ubisoft, one of the world’s biggest game publishers, has ever attempted. That alone should convey everything you need to know about the scale of its ambition. At its conclusion, the project’s development cycle will have spanned three years. Roughly 600 members of Ubisoft Montreal’s staff will have worked on it, supported by numerous other Ubisoft studios around the world, including Quebec City, Bucharest and Singapore.

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Thefreeman0122185d ago

So far i have mixed feelings about this game. The visuals look beautiful and the game looks very responsive but parts of the video ive seen ive liked and also disliked.

i wasn't fond of the quick time events ive seen in AC. Cause i feel quick time events are cheap and have never been in AC series really. Also the Enemies look to be quite easy along with a lack of stealthy action since all ive seen his going in guns a blaze.

I did enjoy the graphics and the roaming quite a bit tho. it seems to be a huge game. im just a little nervous that Ubisoft is calling it a masterpiece before anyone has got there hands on it.... where have i seen that before? hmm ME3? and that turned to be a disaster

Cam9772185d ago

It will be weird for him to say "rest in peace" rather than "requiscat in de pacca".

PhantomT14122185d ago

It was more an Ezio thing. I don't recall Altair saying "Rest in peace" that much. Maybe Connor will say it in native american...

Cam9772184d ago

Now that you say that, I'm sure it was an Ezio thing because he didn't necessarily want to be an assassin.