Resident Evil 6 Includes Casual Options

TGH Writes: "The highly anticipated Resident Evil 6 is about to release and everyone may be wondering if the hardcore fans will be catered to or if Capcom will widen the gap again to bring in the more casual gamers. It seems, that Evil has targeted the casual yet again."

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Grap2149d ago

and that's why you won't get over 70% in u lost my money and all real RE fans

Carl_Shocker2149d ago

For the love of god Capcom stop trying to please everyone for more sales

It's RE...if you stuck to the franchises roots then it would of sold regardless because it's RE.

WeskerChildReborned2149d ago

True, all they been doing is making the series different with each game they release.

FragGen2149d ago

Right! They should release the same basic game every single time! You know like C... Oh wait... never mind.

NovusTerminus2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

Uhhh... Not gonna defend the game yet, as I have not played it but...

"At the very start of the game players will not only be able to choose the Professional difficulty which in previous iterations had to be unlocked before playing. "

So, they are appealing to the casuals by making the hardest mode available from the start of the entire game? This seems more like catering to the pro market...

"There are also options when first starting the campaign to turn Attack Reaction on or off."

This I will give you. Kinda stupid. But oh well, I am not gonna be using it.

"Finally there is one major option in the menu that may irk some fans. Infinite Ammo can be turned on or off. This may upset fans as the series initially gave players the sense of urgency with low ammo and lacking supplies now has an option from the start to negate that whole atmosphere from the game"

Do you research at least. Yes, you can turn the option on but you have to buy upgrade for the gun to get inf ammo, which if what I have heard is true, costs allot. So no, you cannot "Just start with it" as you said.

ShadyDevil2149d ago

The fact that it is an option within the beginning of the game is quite sad. (infinite ammo)

Skate-AK2149d ago

They are wrong. I Had to beat RE5 once before I unlocked Professional. Idk why are they are complainting about inf ammo. RE5 had it too you just had to fully upgrade the weapon first before you could buy inf ammo for it.

ShadyDevil2148d ago

We just reached out to a Capcom representative. you DO NOT need to upgrade. Infinite ammo is available from the start.

lociefer2149d ago

yo dawg i heared you like casual

mamotte2149d ago

As long as they're options, is OK. If you're a "hardcore" gamer, then you just can set those options off and problem solved.

Dont get why people should get angry about this.

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