Mass Effect 3 Patch 4 Changelog Revealed, Planned For Release This Thursday

DSOGaming writes: "BioWare has revealed the changelog of Mass Effect 3's latest patch that is planned for release this Thursday."

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Cam9772180d ago

This game is really cheap now.

Stay-Toasty2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

It is really cheap. I think i saw it for under $20 the other day.I love this series. I'm so happy that ME1 is coming to PS3. I've played 2&3 but always had to use that stupid comic to make my decisions from 1. Excited to see it's coming to Psn by itself for only $15. I have 2&3 from Psn and just need 1 to compete the trilogy. It's going to take like 35 gbs up on my harddrive though to have all 3, better start to deleting stuff.

2180d ago
belac092180d ago

i just got this game 3 days ago, i freaking love it!!!