Devil May Cry 4 Review by PSPSPS.TV and XBOXER.TV

Simon of and puts the latest installment of Capcom's brawler through its paces. But how successfully has the series made the next-gen jump?

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Spike473789d ago

by xbox360 probably because of..............Lost odyessy.

PS3 increased too, expect a big tsunami to overkill xbox360 sales in japan on the mgs4 and gt5 launches.

venum3788d ago

4 ps3 titles in the top 10. that's an improvement for SONY. But the amount of nintendo software is huge, far away from Sony software. Nintendo rule Japan

Rikitatsu3788d ago

Your comments made no sense... maybe N4Gs system screwed up ><"

Cyrus3653788d ago

No they were, I changed my article, as it was pointed out it was dupe...Unfortunately, you can't edit prior comments.