Is GTA 5 Possible On The Wii U?

Kartik Mudgal:

Grand Theft Auto is a humongous brand and the question most people are asking is whether the game will hit the first next-gen system to arrive this year. That’s right, the Wii U.

Nintendo’s consoles don’t really get a lot of third-party support due to reasons ranging from poor support to sales, but seeing as how the Wii U is supposed to be a machine for the core, losing out on GTA 5 seems to be something that Nintendo cannot afford.

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DivineAssault 2185d ago

COD games always have been on nintendos consoles tho..Wii had em & DS had em (T rated)
GTA did go on the DS so who knows? I would work with the gamepad.. We shall see.. If it does, then nintendo really is serious about pleasing the core audience

PhantomT14122185d ago

Lol, even Manhunt made it to the Wii (I think it was censored though).

iamnsuperman2185d ago

Exactly. Of course GTA V will be on the Wii U. Rockstar isn't going to neglect a new instal base even though a lot of them problem own a current console and Nintendo isn't going to say no to a massive franchise like GTA

ninjabake2185d ago


Manhunt 2 was censored across all platforms so it could avoid an AO rating. And honestly, the Wii version was a huge catalyst in it originally getting that rating (tho not the sole reason) but the wii's motion controls simulated murder more intuitively than the PS2 and PSP versions and they didn't wanna risk little kids learning murderous moves (apparently LOL) so they cut back on some of the controls while killing as well. The game wasn't that great tho IMO but that's another topic LOL

I think GTA V has a chance on Wii U (albeit a small chance IMO), I mean tons of people would buy it simply because its gta on Nintendo. And the possibilities with the gamepad could be pretty interesting. We shall see, not holdin my breathe on this one tho.

jacen1002185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

wiiU gamepad would be ideal for GTA type games

Benjamminkno2185d ago

It is vital that Nintendo acquire the franchise. GTA is adored by millions, and if there is one third party game to get, this is the one. If Nintendo can't strike a deal, I'm afraid the curse of dismal third party support will only worsen. The gamepad peripheral could prove useful to entice an agreement. Although, I'd rather see Dead Space.

PopRocks3592185d ago

I believe it could work if Rockstar didn't half-ass the port (not saying they would, but still). If the gamepad is an issue then just make it play off-screen. People seem to dig that feature. Also make it compatible with the Pro controller. It would help drive the core gamer to the platform. Rockstar just has to be willing to take that leap.

fourtwenty20092185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

LOL the XBOX 360 is now the only console still using small capacity 8.5GB 20+ year old DVD Media technology, WiiU has 4x the RAM of the XBOX360 and its games can store 3x the Data on a single disc; the question should be: Is GTA 5 possible on the XBOX 360?? LOL

stuntman_mike2185d ago

there is no reason not to put it on Wii U. technically it can run it.

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