10 Reasons To Hate Modern FPS Games

Ryan Musker:

The first person shooter genre is one of the most, if not the most, successful genre in gaming: nobody can deny the thrill of blasting your friends, or random strangers in the face, defusing a bomb or lobbing a grenade through a window. There’s a certain value and longevity to shooters that no other genre seems to be able to achieve, except an MMO or some open world games. FPS is one of the most refined genres around featuring gameplay that gets better every year. But sometimes, we just wish that shooters were never invented. Sometimes we see things, both in game and out, that just make us realise how broken this genre can be. Sure, FPS has some great gameplay but when you compare it to other genres, it’s still catching up in so many areas.

So, without further ado here are 10 reasons modern FPS titles sucks, in no particular order…

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SageHonor2149d ago

Sorry, not clicking through 10 pages. Geez i hate when sites do this.

omarzy2149d ago

I think the huge focus on online is what has ruined it more so than any other reason. Local play was the best for me. I played Halo 2 local play more than online. Freakishly long Medal of Honor multiplayer tournaments.

Somebody2149d ago

The author complains about the glitches, constant updates and balancing in shooters. Well, don't tell him about MMOs and F2Ps.

cl19832149d ago

Everything this "author" complains about happen in rts, mmo,tps, and all games today.

bubblebeam2149d ago

Pathetic. Not a CoD fan, but this is clearly directed at the CoD/ Battlefield crowd.

The things he/she lists are not exclusive to the FPS genre.

"Bugs and gitches" ... Never knew Skyrim was an FPS.....nuff said.

"No story". Incorrect. The darkness and Bioshock say Hi. So does Half life.

Apparently Mass effect has one of the best stories, yet you forget Halo which has an equally large if not larger Universe (Not taking any credit away from Mass Effect)>

No point in reading people, unless you wan't to fry your brain. So hypocritical and pointless. Written by an angry teen.

I know damn well from reading this that he hates CoD, but didn't want to be called out for it. Man up, and just write "ten things I hate about CoD/Battlefield". Because all you are doing is making a fool of yourself by treating readers like they are foolish.

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