Target Cuts PS2 Price By $30 Starting Feb 24

An advanced Target ad for the week beginning February 24 lists a base slimline PlayStation 2 console for $99. It's unknown if the price reduction will be exclusive to Target stores or if it is retail wide.

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Anything but Cute3761d ago

Now even the cheapest of the cheapest will be playstation fans. Maybe when PS3 gets down to these prices, people will also buy one?

Is that the point of keeping the PS2 around?

sonarus3761d ago

i wonder how much sales for ps2 will be sparked by a 30 dollar price drop. ps2 still selling well despite its 6yrs in the market sony is proabaly looking to increase profits this way.

cmrbe3761d ago

The other is obviously to make money. As people buying HW will also buy software which means more money for Sony. Its also a great boost in Sony's image to the PS2 crowd and devs that still producing PS2 games with them supporting the PS2 this long i.e customer and dev satisfaction. Yes Sony is catching some people that might have opted for the wii because of the price or the x360 because of its current selection of games. PS2 has both right now although its last gen. When there are more games for the PS3 esp ones that the PS2 owners want like MGS, GT , FF with a lower price ($299). The bulk of these PS2 owners will migrate.These owners will also know that Sony will not drop support of the PS3 as soon a new console is out which is a win for Sony. This was Sony's stragety and it worked for them in the PS1-PS2 transition.

ruibing3761d ago

I have a 60GB PS3, but I may pick up a PS2 just so I can play some of those rare PS2 games. Price drops on game titles and hardware is NEVER a bad thing for the consumer.

Darkiewonder3761d ago

I'll be picking up a ps2 for my nephew!

Dann79783761d ago

Dang 100 dollars i remember paying like $250 when it first launched

madness3761d ago

ps2 was priced at $300 at launch.

i think someone told me retialers jacked it up to $400

Darkiewonder3761d ago

then I bought. but wasn't it like 299 at first? O.o

meepmoopmeep3761d ago

it would be in sonys best interest to slowly phase out the ps2 and bring the fanbase over to the ps3. it'll be the games that will drive it and a price cut or two would be welcomed

redwingsrock3761d ago

i should be picking up one of these, for whenever my fat ps2 does kick the bucket

Dann79783761d ago

Really i thought it was $250 i guess it was 300 because i remember traded all my sega,super nintendo,gaycube and other stuff for it (i was broke back then)

hotshot1273761d ago

if they do that, it will make the consumers ask themselves if they want a ps2 or a ps3 for just 150 dollars more(assuming the ps3 gets that price cut)

that could really spark ps3 sales and it would slowly kill off the ps2.

BUT doing that could also tarnish thier future fanbases of the playstation name.

and sony would still be making more money. but then again, if sony is planning on dropping the price of the ps2 AND ps3 then they must be making some type of profit.

meepmoopmeep3761d ago

i'm one of the ex-xbox 1 owners that got shafted when MS dropped us like last weeks sh*t and didn't care. that's not going to happen to me again this gen. no, sir!

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The story is too old to be commented.