Battlefield 3 Adds Five Assignments

Today DICE enabled five more assignments for their multiplayer shooter Battlefield 3. There's a catch, though: you'll need to be a Premium member in order to get access to them.

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Cam9772089d ago

I don't like this game anymore and I have up long ago.

Rob Hornecker2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

I love BF3 and have since the day it came out The map packs have been worth every penny and just keeping getting better with each release. My gripe is that there should be more weapons to get then new cameos.

RedDeadLB2089d ago

My gripe is that they should give out content to the non premium users as well. Remember BC2 and it's VIP map packs? How many of them were there, 7,8? All free? Yup.

I also want something that would freshen up the game for me.

Hufandpuf2089d ago

VIP map packs were the same maps with different game modes. Not new maps.

RedDeadLB2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

Except we got some new ones as well (well, BC1 remakes, but excellent maps none the less). And I don't remember second hand buyers (me at first) getting Laguna Alta, Nelson Bay, Cold War, Heavy Metal etc.