FIFA 13 vs PES 13 – comparing and contrasting

FIFA’s gone straight in at the top of the UK chart, but this year’s battle with long-time combatant PES is a closer thing than EA may like. Nick Akerman compares the latest instalments of both series.

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AJ Hartley2146d ago

Lets not compare them now I think both games have been out long enough for people to decide which one they wanted. So let move on.

farhad2k82146d ago

They say a picture is worth a thousand words:

Kos-Mos2146d ago

Well, the majority (casuals) prefer fifa and the pro`s (minority) prefer PES. That`s the truth and nothing but the truth.

vitullo312146d ago

i agree i absolutely love fifa 13 but i have nothing against pes i've played both and there both great games i just prefer fifa