IGN: The Seven Deadly Sins of Xbox 360

It's Vegas week at IGN Xbox. Over the past five days they've revealed Midway's This is Vegas, got hands-on time with Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and reviewed Poker Smash. Vegas is known as Sin City and as the name implies, the town is famous for embracing the seven deadly sins.

IGN decided to explore the seven sins (gluttony, pride, lust, envy, greed, sloth and wrath) as they pertain to 360 and its community. What follows is an examination of how these sins manifest on the 360 and, more importantly, why they are harmful.

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caffman3726d ago

that you could apply nearly every one to ps3 fanboys or even wii fanboys!

games4fun3726d ago

bloody your avatar and the pic matched you made me smile when you typed that lol

i think live is a reflection of people now people can argue that xbox people are more vocal about it but every online community has their own group of jerks no matter how small as well

caffman3726d ago

The mute option. Best thing on xboxlive. But I think that pointing the finger at the halo packs is a bit harsh. After all they are going to be free in a few weeks!

poopface13726d ago

"when a '360 fanboy' rants about killzone 2 it s probally because they had a ps2 and know that killzone 1 sucked." i geuss its time to bash not only the 360 but the a$$ holes who bought one too huh? I dont really dissagree with everything but to call someone a fanboy for not believing in killzone 2 is the most fanboy move you could make. Mabe I just really like FPS and played ALOT and have really high expectations, does that meke me a fanboy.

Guwapo773726d ago

This has to be the best article I've read about reasons why I don't own a 360. Based off of sins 1 an 2... The rest of the article can be applied to all of those that are jealous of another consoles games/online/special features.

Best of all it didn't come from an opposing system's website.

Sin #2 if through later revisions and they can manage to get the failure rate under 5%, I can't be that unlucky and get one of those bad ones. Sad thing is...most of my "real life" friends play 360...I'd like to join them one day.

reaperxciv3726d ago

you are not guwapo anymore coz you are a bayot...just kidding...

Guwapo773726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

Hahahah man thats messed up. You didn't have to call me a homo.

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The story is too old to be commented.