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gamrReview: "The keys have been handed over to Criterion for this instalment, and the creators of the much loved Burnout franchise are definitely on the right track."

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Cam9772184d ago

I'm debating whether to buy this on Vita, or on my PS3.

morkendo232184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

@ cam
save your money dude, criterion games only can PRODUCE Burnout.... wait for burnout paradise 2

in essence thats what their MOSTWANTED is nothing more than BURNOUT with slapped on NFS title.

pecorre2184d ago

That's the point. This is why I'll end up buying the game. Criterion are great at making racing games. I liked Burnout Paradise (even if Takedown was better).

Anyway, if this is Paradise 2 with another name on the box, and with licenced cars, then I don't mind. I'm sure I'll enjoy the game. Also, this is the first time I concider buying a NFS game.

Cam9772183d ago

Guess I'll see reviews then - thanks for the heads up.

Cam9772184d ago

Lovey GTR picture too